On Friday and Saturday, April 30 and May 1, Two Sisters Catering & Restaurant will open its doors to the public for the first time in the Austin community. A brick and mortar business, located at 4800 W. Chicago Avenue, Veah Larde is no stranger to Austin. Born and raised on the west side, Veah said she grew up only six blocks away. Her new site is only a few miles west of Garfield Park where she operated her business for the past several years.

Veah Larde is the owner and chef of Two Sisters Catering. She prides herself in being consistent with each person. She is self-taught and displays her passion for executing memorable moments. To Veah food is a relationship between creating the dish and the customer or group eating it. As a food creator, she believes she is telling a story and her desire for the customers consuming the dish to understand her point of view while appreciating the care in her craftsmanship. Veah also believes that customers can feel the love that was put into the dish in every bite.

She has obtained her ServSuccess certified restaurant supervisor certification (CRS); ServSafe food protection manager certification, Food Allergen Certificate, ServSafe Takeout and Delivery COVID-19 precautions certification.

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