(Chicago, Illinois) September 7, 2021 – Celebrate the talents and vibrancy of Austin’s creative community! To culminate a weekend on Chicago Avenue (Austin’s Soul City Corridor) filled with live music, food, and fun, the “Austin Art Showcase,” exhibition will begin on Sunday, September 12 alongside the Soul City Blues festival in Austin, and will run through Saturday, September 25, 2021.

The newly named, “Soul City” corridor is getting much-needed attention through funding projects from the City of Chicago’s INVEST South/West Initiative, the Austin Chamber’s Chicago Alfresco fund, and others funding opportunities. Despite the daily challenges that local businesses have faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the support and organizing from the INVEST South/West Austin Artist-in-Residence Antonia Ruppert, and the support of the Austin Chamber of Commerce and AAABNA, the Soul City corridor will have its first public art showcase, highlighting artwork by over 20 local artists of all ages, displaying in windows of 38 businesses along Chicago Avenue, from Cicero Avenue to Austin Boulevard. 

The “Austin Art Showcase” is the fruit of our summer engagement with numerous partners who have worked with us. Supported by DCASE (Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events) with the INVEST S/W initiative, we are excited to share over 20 multi-generational artists’ work in over 30 businesses along Chicago Avenue. I’m thankful for each community member, teacher, volunteer, and business owner who accepted the call to get creative with us this summer.  — Antonia Ruppert, Austin Artist In Residence 

Community artists in Austin of all ages have worked hard to reimagine Chicago Avenue through the lens of art. There will be 1-2 art pieces hosted by each business. The art showcase will feature artwork created in pencil, acrylic paint, photography, and other media, all curated and proudly displayed by local businesses.   Some of the thirty-eight businesses that will feature artwork include L’May’s Creation, Gone Again Travel & Tours, L&E Vienna, Chicago Eats Sports Bar, Two Sisters Catering, and 37th Ward Alderman Mitts, Schweet Cheesecake, The Nest, Anthony Cleaners, just to name a few.  To see the full list, Click Here!

The art showcase is also a collaboration with Alt_, What About Us Charitable Enterprises, Start With Art (LaGrange Art League), artist and teacher, Jesse Howard. You can learn more about the “Austin Art Showcase,” exhibition by clicking on the Chamber’s website at www.chicagoaustinchamber.com, or you can follow us on Facebook @ INVEST South/West Austin Artist-in-Residence.  

Learn more about the City of Chicago’s INVEST South/West Initiative at Chicago.gov/investSW  

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